Invade New Zealand!

I just stumbled upon … This website, as soon as it’s loaded and without further ado, fires up a fullscreen flash video showcasing some beautiful panorama and “lifestyle” scenes of New Zealand, while flashing the reasons why invading New Zealand would be a good idea. The tagline, much to my amusement, is “0% Infantry, 0% Air Force, 100% Natural Resources… 100% there for the taking”.

The whole thing finishes with a logo of the “Australian Department of Offense”. Catchy.

A quick whois search for the website reveals the following

Domain Name……….
Creation Date…….. 2008-06-10
Registration Date…. 2008-06-10
Expiry Date………. 2010-06-10
Organisation Name…. 303 Group
Organisation Address. level 3, 435 Roberts Road
Organisation Address. Subiaco
Organisation Address. 6008
Organisation Address. WA
Organisation Address. AUSTRALIA

303 Group in turn is, according to their website, “Australia’s most successful independent creative agency”. Further, their website proclaims that

“303 is equipped to take ideas into any channel. Presenting Ideas when and where they will have the greatest impact is our mandate.”

Whether or not StumbleUpon is the channel bringing the “greatest impact” for this admittedly well done campagin is yet to be demonstrated. So far, a google search for brings a mindboggling 1560 results, with a Twitter verbal fart being the second result.

Looking a bit further however, it turns out this video was made as part of The Gruen Transfer show on ABC, in which two advertising agencies compete against each other in “selling the unsellable”

Well who would’ve thought that.

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~ by scrote on August 5, 2008.

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